Patient Testimonials

“I really like going to Dr. Cobb because I like the people on his staff who work there, I find that he is calm and explains things well and also I like the results.”
– Fred
“I couldn't have a better dentist than Dr. Ghesmati! She keeps me apprised of what she is about to do and why. She is a knowledgeable, skilled and passionate dentist. She is compassionate, genuinely caring and loving--a combination hard to find. She imparts this same aura of care and dedication to excellence to her entire team. My late husband and I did not know Dr. Ghesmati before becoming her patients. We very quickly knew we found the right dentist through the expert and sincere care Dr. Ghesmati and her team gave us!”
– Michelle S. P.
“Given all the work that was planned, I was well taken care of. Dr. Ghesmati explained everything step-by-step and reassured me along the way. I'm glad to be getting my issues resolved.”
– K. L.
“Had a dental emergency and they took care of me right way. Dr. Ghesmati is extremely friendly and helpful.”
– Giselle M.
“Today was my second visit with Dr. Ghesmati for dental work and omg the most painless dental work I have ever had! I have a small phobia of the dentist (needle pain) and literally, she did the shots so painless! She makes me look forward to getting the rest of my dental work done with more ease. I am so glad I came here for as a new patient! I also received a nice goody bag on my first visit with whitening trays! Just what I needed before my wedding :) Go here, you wont regreat it :)”
– Destiny A.
“I had a great time under the care of Dr. Ghesmati. During my visit, she made sure I was comfortable through the entire procedure. Very happy with the results so far!”
– Christopher B.
“This is by far the most professional and impressive dentist office I’ve ever visited. Dr. Ghesmati is a perfectionist of the best kind - a trait you very much want in a dentist. I had a series of major procedures she successfully undertook, and I trusted her every step of the way. She is absolutely someone to put your trust in for all dental work large and small.”
– J. C.
“Dr. Ghesmati has delivered dental care of the highest technical quality, while also being super responsive to my needs. She's a great listener and communicator and always asks the right questions. The dental assistants and support staff have also been terrific - really courteous, proactive and thoughtful. I've received outstanding client-centered care and would definitely recommend this practice to anyone.”
– Peter H.
“Dr. Ghesmati is amazing. She goes above and beyond - and she is super nice! I had to get a cavity filled and have never had a needle less painful! Office is great and staff are super accommodating! I have been 3 times and never waited more than 5 minutes. Can't recommend this place highly enough!”
– Katelyn C.
“My girlfriend recommended Dr. Azin Ghesmati when I switched jobs and my dentist was no longer in network. I was hesitant as I was traumatized by a dentist in my youth and I still have anxiety. Dr. Ghesmati and her team took my anxiety in stride and did everything to make me comfortable. She answers all of my questions during every visit and checks on me throughout the procedure. I feel that she genuinely cares about my dental health and well-being. She listens to my concerns and never makes me feel simple for asking 101 questions. She's great and so is her team. Thanks for being so considerate and alleviating my fears, Dr. Ghesmati (and team); it's greatly appreciated.”
– Angela P.
“The best thing I like about working with Dr. Cobb is that it's a feeling that goes way back. I had this confidence in him that if Drew was going to do the work it was going to go well.”
– Jeff
“Dr. Ghesmati did an amazing job with me, I appreciate her high competence, love for details and her attitude. I can tell you my memory of going to a dentist has changed. It's not anymore an unpleasant experience.”
– S. A.
“Dr. Azin Ghesmati is a true gem. She is clearly talented and knowledgeable, but she is also one of the most kind and patient individuals I have ever met. From day one, I have been thoroughly impressed with all aspects of my care.”
– Stephanie O.
“Dr. Ghesmati has been fantastic. The entire experience was patient centered. She walked through each of my procedures in depth ahead of time so that I felt comfortable with what was being done, was constantly checking to make sure I was feeling well during the procedure, and spent time with me in follow up discussing next steps and follow up care. She was warm and welcoming and it has been a truly enjoyable experience overall.”
– Christopher R.
“I was pretty nervous about the visit since I haven't been to the dentist in several years. Dr. Ghesmati made it an all-around wonderful experience--something I never thought I'd say about going to the dentist. She carefully explained everything she was going to do before she did it and constantly checked in to make sure I was okay. She's also super friendly--excellent bedside manner.”
– Anonymous Patient
“Dr. Ghesmati was so kind, thorough, and informative. I enjoyed my experience so much so that I immediately recommended her to my friends and family. I've found my new dentist!”
– Lauren L.
“Very informative, professional, great personality, didn't pressure me to do anything I didn't want, but provided good advice.”
– Anonymous Patient
“Very friendly when she introduced herself, and she also explained the reason for each of her procedures clearly!”
– Kathy Y.
“For those who are fearful about the dentist, Dr. Ghesmati is the person you are looking for. She helps to reduce any fear you have, ensures that all procedures are without pain, and talks through each step of the procedure. Fantastic dentist. Would recommend to others.”
– Nicholas D.
“Dr. Ghesmati is a consummate professional whom I trust more than any other dentist/doctor I've ever seen. She very emphatically cares for her patients and will always seek for the perfect result on their behalf. She did several large procedures on me, with complete success. If you are looking for just an exam or going for a root canal, you will be in the best hands possible in all cases.”
– Jordan C.
“Dr. Ghesmati is wonderful. She took time to carefully explain my options and the procedures before proceeding. She was patient and continuously asked if I felt pain during the procedure. She was also available for questions after. Great experience! Happy to have finally found a great dentist!”
– Anonymous Patient
“I had three fillings done by Dr. Ghesmati and another hygienist. They both have a nice bedside manner as well, and I was very happy with how smoothly and painlessly the fillings were done.”
– Brendan P.
“After been pregnant my teeth needed four fillings and a root canal. Although these fixes weren't exactly fun. Dr. Ghesmati made the experience as pleasant as it could be. I felt relaxed and comfortable. I hate needles but never felt any of them go in. I had very minimal pain after the treatments and was very happy with the finished result. She is a wonderful dentist and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional expert but also a dentist who is caring and compassionate.”
– Charlotte R.
“One of the things I appreciated the most about Dr. Cobb is how patient he was with me....he would just talk to me as long as I wanted and he answered all of my questions.”
– Carey
“I loved Dr Ghesmati! Dr Ghesmati was knowledgeable, professional and has excellent bedside manners. She is thorough and is very caring about her patients. I highly recommend Dr Ghesmati to anyone who's looking for a professional and caring doctor.”
– Sherry S.