Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Ghesmati and staff are truly amazing. 10/10 recommendation.”
July, 06 2024 – Roy S. Google Review
“I had a great time under the care of Dr. Ghesmati. During my visit, she made sure I was comfortable through the entire procedure. Very happy with the results so far!”
– Christopher B.
“I am confident now to speak publicly and smile, which is not something I had ever really done in my first 50 years, and I can now.”
– Jean Google
“"Maryam Kavianpour and Dr. Ghesmati make an exceptional team at this dental office! Maryam is a skilled and friendly hygienist who provides thorough cleanings with a gentle touch. Dr. Ghesmati is an outstanding dentist who truly cares about his patients' dental health. Together, they create a welcoming atmosphere and ensure a fantastic experience every visit. Highly recommend this practice for their professionalism and top-notch care!"”
July, 09 2024 – Mitra E. Google Review
“Through out the years , I have invested lots of time and money on my teeth from implants to Invisalign and for me , I have found best Dr to maintain my investment. From my cleanings to veneers and every thing in between , Dr Ghesmati have been excellent. I highly recommend Dr Ghesmati and her team.”
– Sam K.
“Dr. Azin Ghesmati was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable and my visit to the dentist was a pleasant and efficient experience. I had to return for a follow-up visit and Dr. Ghesmati saw me promptly the next day. During my procedure, Dr. Ghesmati made sure I was comfortable and aware of what was happening. Highly recommended.”
– Henry H.
“Dr Cobb and Dr Ghesmati are incredible dental professionals. They are always striving to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in dentistry to achieve the best results for their patients. The office staff is welcoming, efficient, and always kind. I trust them fully with the dental needs of my family.”
– Eric N.
“What I like about the office is that it is very professional, they take great care of you. Dr. Cobb always goes the extra mile, I feel like I can always trust what he says.”
– Neil
“Dr. Ghesmati has delivered dental care of the highest technical quality, while also being super responsive to my needs. She's a great listener and communicator and always asks the right questions. The dental assistants and support staff have also been terrific - really courteous, proactive and thoughtful. I've received outstanding client-centered care and would definitely recommend this practice to anyone.”
– Peter H.
“Dr. Ghesmati is wonderful. Makes you feel extremely comfortable, is prompt and outlines the details of your treatment plan very clearly. Wonderful dentist, wonderful experience.”
– Sara P.
“Dr. Azin Ghesmati is absolutely amazing! She takes the time to explain everything you would need to know, and ensures you understand any procedure before it takes place. She cares about her patients health and comfort. She is honest and does not make you feel like you have to do any unnecessary work. I feel that I can trust Dr. Ghesmati because I know she has my best interest at heart.”
– Amanda U.
“This review is long overdue. Dr. Ghesmati is the best dentist/doctor in the medical field I have ever come across. Her approach to my veneers was top-notch, providing an incredibly natural look that even my closest friends couldn't detect. She meticulously explained the procedure and dedicated ample time to answer all my questions. Her attention to detail and patient care truly set her apart. I was so impressed with the practice’s use of technology and latest techniques for cleanings and various services. The in-house crown creation had me in & out of her office in under an hour and a half—no temporaries needed. Unprecedented efficiency in a dental practice! Highly recommend this office for all your dental care.”
– Yasmin A.
“Drs. Ghesmati and Cobb and their assistants are terrific. They make dental procedures painless. They clearly explain their recommendations, patiently answer questions, and quickly respond to after-hours calls. They do meticulous work that leverages years of experience and state of the art technology.”
July, 03 2024 – A. L. Google Review
“Could not ask for a better dental experience. The front office staff is so friendly, and the expertise of the dentists clearly shows. Had an issue with my teeth, and the office was committed to addressing the issue as soon as possible.”
July, 02 2024 – Sina N. Google Review
“Great office and wonderful dentist! Very professional and kind. The entire staff made me feel at ease!”
July, 06 2024 – Maggie S. Google Review
“Dr. Ghesmati is truly exceptional in every way. Not only is she an incredibly skilled dentist, but her level of expertise surpasses any other I've encountered. She handled my dental needs with precision and care, achieving results that exceeded my expectations. Beyond her professional abilities, Dr. Ghesmati is a caring person who genuinely listens to her patients and goes above and beyond to ensure their comfort and well-being. Her office is absolutely beautiful, with a modern and inviting ambiance that makes every visit a pleasure. From the moment you step in, you're greeted with warmth and professionalism. Dr. Ghesmati's friendly demeanor and approachable nature make her a joy to work with. She takes the time to explain procedures thoroughly and answers any questions with patience and expertise. Overall, I cannot recommend Dr. Ghesmati highly enough. If you're looking for a dentist who combines exceptional skill with genuine care and a beautiful office environment, Dr. Ghesmati is the perfect choice.”
– Wendy W.
“Dr. Ghesmati is the most professional and skilled dentist I know! She has always done stellar work, while maintaining a level of professionalism that still allows for comradery and comfort. I feel absolutely confident in her care and would highly recommend for those seeking a highly skilled dental professional. I live out of town and still come see her for examinations and her expert opinion! Gets no better than her!”
July, 06 2024 – Destiny J. Google Review
“Very informative, professional, great personality, didn't pressure me to do anything I didn't want, but provided good advice.”
– Anonymous Patient
“Dr. Ghesmati and her support staff are just the best. I've been her patient since 2016, and I have had nothing but pleasant experiences. She's personable, bright and great at her job--she's done two root canals on me, and has filled several cavities, and I haven't experienced any pain. She sees me on time, which is wonderful. The office is clean and convenient, and parking is easy with a garage next door. I've had zero issues with billing. My husband also sees her, and despite being a nervous dental patient, he's very happy with his experiences there. I 100% recommend this practice.”
– Kim P.
“Dr. Azin Ghesmati is amazing! No one likes getting a root canal, but she was supportive, attentive an masterful! I highly recommend her to anyone who is afraid of going to the dentist!”
– Nabila M.
“Dr. Ghesmati took care of us last year and was so wonderful! She was the most thorough dentist. She was very knowledgeable, patient with all my questions, and took the time to educate me on our plan. She was the best dentist I have ever seen.”
– Jeanette I.
“My visit to Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry for a root canal and crown this past month was a great experience. Dr. Ghesmati made sure it was pain free. Within a week I had a new 3-D printed crown that feels exactly like my old tooth. Their state of art equipment made my dental visit quick and efficient. The entire staff are friendly able to address all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry.”
– Daniel H.
“Dr. Ghesmati is a professional and honest doctor. I had quite a few cavities and she didn't only take care of them, but also made sure I understood why it had to be done (showed me x-rays, pointed out decays and explained which were deep enough to require treatment). She never pressured me into unnecessary procedures, explained risks that came with treatments and left it up to me to decide if I wanted to take it. On top of that, she is a pleasant person to talk to, always positive and never judgmental. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a dentist who would treat them well and put patient's interest first.”
– Olesya K.
“I am very fortunate that I have a dentist like Dr. Ghesmati. From the first day my experience was professional, seamless, and pleasant. Dr. Ghesmati and her team made the process easy and provided the best service I have ever received in any sort of dental office. Thanks to her my smile and overall dental health is better than ever. I highly recommend her services to anyone that is looking for top level dental care in the DC area.”
– Ryan C.
“Dr. Ghesmati is without a doubt the best dentist I've ever had. She is extremely professional, friendly, and always manages to give a clear explanation of exactly what she's doing. It is clear that she values educating her patients (something I've never experienced at a dental visit), and that has given me a greater understanding and concern for my own dental health. On my last visit, a simple filling had the potential to turn into root canal. Before proceeding, Dr. Ghesmati took the time to fully explain exactly what was going on and ensure that I was ready to move forward-- physically, financially, and emotionally. Her attention to me as more than a set of dental symptoms, but as a real person sitting in the room with her, sets her apart in my experience as a truly great dentist. The whole staff is so friendly and helpful, too. I can't recommend this practice enough!”
– Natalie N.
“Dr. Ghesmati is an ultra high-tech, empathetic artist. Best quote after a complex procedure (for me at least): “This is where I’m in my comfort zone.” So reassuring.”
May, 08 2024 – Dana P. Google Review
“Great visit, great people! Highly recommend. They were all so nice & so quick!”
– Grace E.
“Dr. Ghesmati was thorough and explained everything to me so I would have informed decision-making about my dental treatment. I really liked that because it gave me the feeling that she was helping me choose what I felt was right for me.”
– James G.
“I had three fillings done by Dr. Ghesmati and another hygienist. They both have a nice bedside manner as well, and I was very happy with how smoothly and painlessly the fillings were done.”
– Brendan P.
“I love seeing Dr. Ghesmati! She is wonderful and gentle. She takes pride in her signature dentistry. Everything is digital and makes dentistry painless. I love that she’s always on time and doesn’t make you wait.”
July, 01 2024 – Bleona D. Google Review
“I really like going to Dr. Cobb because I like the people on his staff who work there, I find that he is calm and explains things well and also I like the results.”
– Fred
“I can’t express how amazing my experience has been at Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry. Myself and my wife have been coming here for years and the service has always been above and beyond. They take pride in their excellence and truly make it an amazing atmosphere to be in when we are there. If you’re looking for the best it is here. Dr Ghesmati and her team take amazing care of us and there’s no other Dentist we would want to go to.”
– Brandon L.
“The best thing I like about working with Dr. Cobb is that it's a feeling that goes way back. I had this confidence in him that if Drew was going to do the work it was going to go well.”
– Jeff
“I was pretty nervous about the visit since I haven't been to the dentist in several years. Dr. Ghesmati made it an all-around wonderful experience--something I never thought I'd say about going to the dentist. She carefully explained everything she was going to do before she did it and constantly checked in to make sure I was okay. She's also super friendly--excellent bedside manner.”
– Anonymous Patient
“Dr. Azin Ghesmati is a true gem. She is clearly talented and knowledgeable, but she is also one of the most kind and patient individuals I have ever met. From day one, I have been thoroughly impressed with all aspects of my care.”
– Stephanie O.
“Dr. Ghesmati is amazing. I like that she didn't pressure me to do any extra procedure I did not want to have done but also took the time to explain my options and what she planned on doing. I have a fear of the dentist and a few bad experiences made me dread any dentist appointment. However, Dr. Ghesmati eased my fears and communicated with me through each procedure ensuring that I was comfortable.”
– Natasha D.
“My girlfriend recommended Dr. Azin Ghesmati when I switched jobs and my dentist was no longer in network. I was hesitant as I was traumatized by a dentist in my youth and I still have anxiety. Dr. Ghesmati and her team took my anxiety in stride and did everything to make me comfortable. She answers all of my questions during every visit and checks on me throughout the procedure. I feel that she genuinely cares about my dental health and well-being. She listens to my concerns and never makes me feel simple for asking 101 questions. She's great and so is her team. Thanks for being so considerate and alleviating my fears, Dr. Ghesmati (and team); it's greatly appreciated.”
– Angela P.
“Does excellent work and is very talented. I was recommended by a friend and would recommend to all my friends as well.”
July, 09 2024 – Tariq H. Google Review
“After been pregnant my teeth needed four fillings and a root canal. Although these fixes weren't exactly fun. Dr. Ghesmati made the experience as pleasant as it could be. I felt relaxed and comfortable. I hate needles but never felt any of them go in. I had very minimal pain after the treatments and was very happy with the finished result. She is a wonderful dentist and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a professional expert but also a dentist who is caring and compassionate.”
– Charlotte R.
“For those who are fearful about the dentist, Dr. Ghesmati is the person you are looking for. She helps to reduce any fear you have, ensures that all procedures are without pain, and talks through each step of the procedure. Fantastic dentist. Would recommend to others.”
– Nicholas D.
“I hadn't been to the dentist in a while and was putting it off. When I decided to visit Dr. Ghesmati, I was pleasantly surprised by my experience. She was very friendly and efficient. She also ensured I was comfortable during my cleaning. I will be returning for an appointment in a few months!”
– Anonymous Patient
“One of the things I appreciated the most about Dr. Cobb is how patient he was with me....he would just talk to me as long as I wanted and he answered all of my questions.”
– Carey
“My visit to see Dr. Ghesmati has been and always is enjoyable. She is personable and welcoming and walks the patient through the entire process and dental procedure. She is quick to explain and share more in depth about her opinions on use of technology and her reasons for each step she takes. My visits are enjoyable because there is trust between patient and doctor.”
– S. J.
“I cannot say enough about my excellent experience with Dr. Ghesmati. The wonderful dentist I had been going to for years retired, and I was disappointed in the quality of others I went to when looking for a new dentist. Not so with Dr. Ghesmati, her technical skills, artistry, and patient care are unparalleled.”
– Patricia M.
“Dr. Ghesmati is unquestionably best in class. Her exemplary skill and expertise are surpassed only by her empathy, care and efficiency. I am not an easy dental patient, but she inspires full confidence and has made every experience comfortable.”
– Abe J.
“I met Dr. Ghesmati this past year and she has already taken expert care of several major dental issues for me. She is very informative, patient, professional and respectful of her patients, with a great bedside manner, striving for 100% patient satisfaction. She explains everything in detail and makes every effort to keep her patients comfortable during each procedure. I especially appreciate her availability after office hours for any concerns or needs that I might have had afterwards. She has updated her office with state of the art equipment and has an office staff which is efficient and friendly. Her physical office is clean, elegant, comfortable and welcoming. I highly recommend her.”
– Nancy C.
“As a dentist, you want to find someone who will treat you the way you treat patients... I found Dr. Cobb, and after his new patient exam and his attention to detail it became pretty evident to me he was the guy.”
– Joseph
“Dr.Ghesmati is highly qualified dentist very knowledgeable and the staff is very nice and pleasant., the office is a state of the art”
– Jose L.
“Dr Ghesmati is an excellent dentist who also does advanced procedures. She recently did several root canals and crowns for me and she is excellent. She uses the most advanced technologies and is simply marvelous. I highly recommend her.”
– Janet M.
“When I first met Dr. Cobb, I noticed his personality right away. He had a very good bedside manner and I felt convinced from the start that he was going to be able to fix my problems. He was very thorough and didn't really pull any punches. He told me the good and the bad, and gave me a really good scientific explanation.”
– Brian
“Dr. Ghesmati just did a crown procedure for me. I found her work to be very professional throughout the process! She told me exactly what to expect, made sure I was comfortable, fabricated the crown quickly and made adjustments as needed. She mixes great skills and efficiency with a wonderful manner - she is sensitive to how the process is going every step of the way, listens well and is very courtrous and kind. My wife and I have done several procedures with her already and will continue to do more in the future! We highly recommend Dr. Ghesmati!”
– Bud B.
“The nicest dentist I've ever been to. Fun, knowledgeable, and thoughtful.”
– Allison S.
“Had such a great experience at this office!! The doctors really listen and care to all my dental needs and have great attention to detail. My teeth and smile look amazing and I couldn’t be happier with the results and the amazing team that helped me. Highly recommend!!”
July, 06 2024 – Leki D. Google Review
“After struggling to find a dentist that would help with some dental avoidance I found Dr. Ghesmati. She and her staff are wonderful. I don't know how she does it, but I have had about 4 root canals and she does such an excellent job that I am never in pain. She is very caring and concerned about her patients. I would recommend going here.”
– Sarah S.
“Today was my second visit with Dr. Ghesmati for dental work and omg the most painless dental work I have ever had! I have a small phobia of the dentist (needle pain) and literally, she did the shots so painless! She makes me look forward to getting the rest of my dental work done with more ease. I am so glad I came here for as a new patient! I also received a nice goody bag on my first visit with whitening trays! Just what I needed before my wedding :) Go here, you wont regreat it :)”
– Destiny A.
“I have had several appointments with Dr. Ghesmati - she is the BEST! A professional at her craft. She is such a perfectionist at her job and with your smile. I have recommended her to my family, friends and coworkers. They all love her. Thanks again Dr. Ghesmati.”
– K. L.
“Dr. Ghesmati is the best dentist I've ever had. She's incredibly compassionate and caring. She makes sure that the visit is as comfortable as possible while she cleans.”
– Greg K.
“Dr. Ghesmati is the best dentist I've ever had. 10/10. I know that she is genuinely looking out for my health and well-being. Her work means so much to her and I feel so safe with her looking out for my teeth. Feeling safe at the dentist is important!”
– Jacqueline S.
“Dr. Cobb fixed my smile, as a result, he has given me confidence in a way I could not have imagined.”
– Emily
“She is wonderful! So pleasant to talk with and super friendly bedside manner.”
– Lauren B.
“I can confidently say that my experience with at Dr. Ghesmati’s office with Maryam Kavianpour has been nothing short of exceptional. From the moment I first visited, I was impressed by everyone’s professionalism. Maryam is incredibly thorough in her work, ensuring every detail of my dental hygiene is meticulously taken care of. What truly sets her apart is her honesty and dedication to patient care. I have never felt pressured or upsold on any treatment or service, which is a rarity in today's dental care landscape. During each visit, I receive clear and honest information about my dental health, along with practical advice on how to maintain and improve it. This personalized approach makes me feel confident that my dental needs are always prioritized, and every recommendation is genuinely in my best interest. Overall, I cannot recommend the team at Dr Ghesmati’s office and Maryam specifically, highly enough. If you're looking for a dental hygienist who is not only skilled and thorough but also honest and caring, you'll find all of that and more with Maryam.”
July, 09 2024 – Andrea T. Google Review
“I have been seeing Dr. Cobb for over 5 years. I immensely enjoy visiting his office because of the warm and welcoming environment he and his staff have created there.”
– Justin
“Great office!! I was recommended here by a friend and am so thankful that I was. The staff is friendly and kind, they took the time to explain everything in detail. If you're looking for your forever dentist, this is it!”
July, 06 2024 – Bekah H. Google Review
“Had a dental emergency and they took care of me right way. Dr. Ghesmati is extremely friendly and helpful.”
– Giselle M.
“Dr. Ghesmati has proven herself time and time again as a remarkably knowledgable, patient-focused, and exceptionally skilled dentist. I came to this office over a year ago with a host of dental issues I was dreading starting work on -- Dr. Ghesmati worked with me every step of the way to create a treatment plan that worked within my budget and comfort level. There's no problem I wouldn't trust them with!”
– Natalie N.
“What sets him apart from others is his attention to detail. He wanted to make sure it looked perfect, it looked real, and he was never satisfied until I had the perfect smile that would fit.”
– Michelle
“This was the fastest, most efficient, and least shame-induced dentist visit I have ever experienced. There were a lot of COVID precautions being taken, so I felt safe and it didn’t impede on the efficiency. Dr. Ghesmati was friendly and helpful and explained where I should be focusing on my brushing. Her assistant was very thorough and friendly as well. I have never had a dentist and a hygienist work as a team before, that was nice to see as well.”
– Jacqueline H.
“She is an expert at what she does. She gets the job done with the needed follow-up with no unnecessary additional add-ons.”
– Chris B.
“Very compassionate and up to date on all the new technology . I feel very confident with Dr. Ghesmati. And my smile is radiant.”
– Rhonda B.
“Dr Ghesmati was simply excellent!”
– Anonymous Patient
“This is by far the most professional and impressive dentist office I’ve ever visited. Dr. Ghesmati is a perfectionist of the best kind - a trait you very much want in a dentist. I had a series of major procedures she successfully undertook, and I trusted her every step of the way. She is absolutely someone to put your trust in for all dental work large and small.”
– J. C.
“Dr. Ghesmati is a consummate professional whom I trust more than any other dentist/doctor I've ever seen. She very emphatically cares for her patients and will always seek for the perfect result on their behalf. She did several large procedures on me, with complete success. If you are looking for just an exam or going for a root canal, you will be in the best hands possible in all cases.”
– Jordan C.
“Dr. Ghesmati did an amazing job with me, I appreciate her high competence, love for details and her attitude. I can tell you my memory of going to a dentist has changed. It's not anymore an unpleasant experience.”
– S. A.
“Dr. Ghesmati is literally the best! I came to see her in an emergency after losing one of my front teeth and could not have asked for a better dentist. When she was finished, I left with a better smile than I had with my original tooth. Her attention to detail is unlike anything I've seen. In addition, she's just a really great, nice human which always makes visits a pleasure!”
– Sean H.
“Dr. Ghesmati is wonderful. She took time to carefully explain my options and the procedures before proceeding. She was patient and continuously asked if I felt pain during the procedure. She was also available for questions after. Great experience! Happy to have finally found a great dentist!”
– Anonymous Patient
“I couldn't have a better dentist than Dr. Ghesmati! She keeps me apprised of what she is about to do and why. She is a knowledgeable, skilled and passionate dentist. She is compassionate, genuinely caring and loving--a combination hard to find. She imparts this same aura of care and dedication to excellence to her entire team. My late husband and I did not know Dr. Ghesmati before becoming her patients. We very quickly knew we found the right dentist through the expert and sincere care Dr. Ghesmati and her team gave us!”
– Michelle S. P.
“I loved Dr Ghesmati! Dr Ghesmati was knowledgeable, professional and has excellent bedside manners. She is thorough and is very caring about her patients. I highly recommend Dr Ghesmati to anyone who's looking for a professional and caring doctor.”
– Sherry S.
“I recently visited Dr. Ghesmati's practice for a routine cleaning, and I couldn't be happier with the experience! Maryam, my hygienist, was super friendly and made me feel at ease right away. She did an amazing job cleaning my teeth and even gave me some great tips on keeping them healthy. Dr. Ghesmati was also fantastic—professional yet approachable, and took the time to answer all my questions. If you're looking for a great dentist, I highly recommend checking them out!”
July, 09 2024 – Haseeb A. Google Review
“I couldn't have hoped for a better dentist and level of patient care. The staff at ideal are very personal and friendly. Scheduling appointments are easy and in the event of emergencies and extreme pain, Dr Ghesmati makes herself available and treats me as high priority even when fully booked! My treatment plan is extensive and unfortunate for a young professional. While under Dr. Ghesmati's care, she's identified all of my problem areas and keeps me informed every step of the way. She's tactical, logical, and understanding in her approach to getting me to a healthy and beautiful smile! Her qualifications are impeccable and her level of expertise along with her love of dentistry and patient care add tremendous value in service. She's extremely knowledgeable in her consultation and her precision of quality work gives me a level of comfort that I can trust. Her results exceed my expectations and I'm very particular about my smile. Having a Dentist who delivers at a higher standard is exactly what I was looking for!”
– Amber J.
“My visit was a very pleasant experience. Going to the dentist can be an unpleasant experience but Dr. Ghesmati makes you feel comfortable and does great work.”
– M. D.
“Due to a hereditary condition, I have been going to dentists from my teenage years on. So I have experience sitting in the dentist’s chair for long periods of time. Dr. Ghesmati is a kind, compassionate and highly skilled dentist. In the past three months, I’ve had three crowns and a root canal performed by Dr. Ghesmati with minimal discomfort and excellent results. I highly recommend Dr. Ghesmati for both your routine and cosmetic dental appointments and procedures. Thank you Dr. Ghesmati!”
– Jeffrey E.
“Dr. Azin Ghesmati is a highly qualified dental surgeon. She is kind, compassionate, gentle and thorough. She explains the procedure before hand and then provides a progress report during the procedure. She always asks if you are comfortable and if you are having any discomfort. The outcome of her work is excellent. I highly recommend Dr. Azin Ghesmati. This community is fortunate that she practices in this area.”
– Robert S.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Ghesmati’s for several years and have recommended her to every member of my family, all of whom share my high opinion of her. Dr. Ghesmati is a gifted professional with a genuine concern for her patients dental health.”
– Leigh M.
“Dr. Ghesmati was so kind, thorough, and informative. I enjoyed my experience so much so that I immediately recommended her to my friends and family. I've found my new dentist!”
– Lauren L.
“Excellent, friendly, and helpful service.”
– S. S.
“Given all the work that was planned, I was well taken care of. Dr. Ghesmati explained everything step-by-step and reassured me along the way. I'm glad to be getting my issues resolved.”
– K. L.
“Drs Cobb & Geshmati and their staff have been wonderful to work with over the recent years to correct missing & failing teeth, needed root canals, and crowns to get me back to a permanent pain free dental state after suffering a traumatic assault in college. For the 1st time in many years I am happy to smile again and look forward to a dental appointment. Extremely grateful for your expertise and commitment to excellence in dentistry. Thank you!”
– Nikki J.
“I am always VERY nervous going to the dentist because of terrible experiences in the past (that Dr. Ghesmati is now having to fix!). Dr. Ghesmati has a very kind bedside manner, is thorough, gentle, and always ensures that you understand your treatment plan. She is also great with following-up on you to see how you are feeling/healing. I believe she genuinely cares about her patients and their health, not just getting people through the door...a characteristic that is extremely hard to find! I am happy to have found her and she is slowly helping me gain back my trust and faith in dentists!”
– Jeanine M.
“Very friendly when she introduced herself, and she also explained the reason for each of her procedures clearly!”
– Kathy Y.
“Dr. Ghesmati and the whole staff are very professional and truly care about their patients. I've had multiple appointments over the past few weeks due to the need for a root canal and even though it was a scary and new process for me, Dr. Ghesmati and her team made me feel very comfortable.”
– Jordan S.
“As usual awesome service, no wait, nice job on the crown! Thanks!”
– Benjamin M.
“I don’t say this often about dental appointments, but I truly enjoyed my time with Dr. Ghesmati and every other person I came in contact with. It is a friendly, professional environment that offers the patient every comfort. I was well informed about my care from start to finish, and I look forward to working with them towards improved oral health.”
– Katie D.
“So happy I found such a great dentist that I can trust! They provide excellent service and professionalism. I would absolutely recommend them for being so thorough and knowledgeable. 10/10!!”
July, 06 2024 – Asia B. Google Review
“Very friendly and professional! Overall everything you can ask for from a dentist.”
– Stephanie W.
“Dr. Ghesmati is truly delightful, and is genuinely concerned about her patients and their overall well being. She's the only dentist I've ever gone to where I wasn't scared of the Novocain needle because I trust that she knows how to prep before going in for it.”
– Camille S.
“Dr. Ghesmati is extremely nice and professional. She explained every detail of my tooth's condition with knowledge and patience. It was quick and I didn't waste a single minute of my time there. I highly recommend her for a dentist.”
– Sabour A.
“had broken 2 teeth one weekend and was worried about how long it would take to get them fixed. Chevy Chase Digital Dentistry arranged for me to be seen quickly. I needed a root canal as well and Dr Ghesmati was able to perform it immediately as well as set me up with temporary fillings until replacements were ready. The entire process was painless. Thank you Dr Ghesmati!”
– Richard B.
“Dr. Ghesmati has been fantastic. The entire experience was patient centered. She walked through each of my procedures in depth ahead of time so that I felt comfortable with what was being done, was constantly checking to make sure I was feeling well during the procedure, and spent time with me in follow up discussing next steps and follow up care. She was warm and welcoming and it has been a truly enjoyable experience overall.”
– Christopher R.
“Dr. Ghesmati is amazing. She goes above and beyond - and she is super nice! I had to get a cavity filled and have never had a needle less painful! Office is great and staff are super accommodating! I have been 3 times and never waited more than 5 minutes. Can't recommend this place highly enough!”
– Katelyn C.